Habanero Chili Sauce

Fruity and hot, the strongest sauce in our regular range! The sauce is based on our selected blend of Habanero chili but also contains a small portion of a milder chili variety. The purpose is to manage the heat to highlight the characteristic, fruity taste of Habanero.


Gotland chili, acetic acid, apple cider vinegar, water, onion, sugar, garlic, salt.


Energi  44 kcal/138 kJ

Fett  0,2 g

varav mättat fett  0 g

Kolhydrater  8,6 g

varav sockerarter  4,5 g

Protein  0,9 g

Salt  1,0 g

100 ML = PRICE: 90,00kr Incl. 12% Tax

IN STOCK Delivery: about 7 days