Taco Sauce

A delicious fresh sauce made from jalapeno and green pepper and flavored with avocado, lime and cumin. Perfectly suited to tacos and other Tex-Mex dishes and is very tasty as a dip to nachos, either as it is or mixed with mayonnaise or creme fraiche.


Pepper, chili, onion, white wine vinegar, water, sugar, acetic acid, avocado, lime, spices, garlic, salt.


Energi  81 kcal/338 kJ

Fett  0,5 g

varav mättat fett  0 g

Kolhydrater  17,8 g

varav sockerarter  13,8 g

Protein  1,1 g

Salt  0,7 g

250 ML = Price: 55,00kr Incl. 12% Tax

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